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Characters from "Destiny's Choice"

"Gosh, what do the characters from 'Destiny's Choice' look like?" asked absolutely not a single person.

Well, absolutely not a single person, I'm glad you asked. Below are how I picture the characters, as well as some pictures I used for inspiration for other parts of the book.

As noted for book two, "The Darkness Rising," this is how I imagine Asher (Source for the photo is "Knight" by Manuel Castañón,

Tayanna is beautiful, dashing, and brave. This picture comes from the "Knight Exemplar" card of Magic 2011 expansion of Magic: The Gathering, illustrated by Jason Chan, sums her up perfectly!

When it comes to the White Queen, I always pictured her as looking and acting like Vanessa Kirby's character the White Widow from "Mission Impossible: Fallout." That's even why I named her the White Queen! I particularly like the way Kirby smiles.

That said, here are two photos that I really like that could also encapsulate Imari's vibe:

Photo credit: Madierde by on DeviantArt

Photo credit: edgertttechnology: “ King’s Guard by Xavier Ou ” (I think)

Finally, my favorite character (shhh): Knight Commander Bronwen. Combine these two images, and you've got Ilirya's most honorable warrior.

To cap it all off, here are some other things present in the book. They should look a little familiar:

Photo credit: Alduin v. Dragonborn, from the Skyrim live-action commercial.

Photo creation: wight by Dave Rapoza:

Photo credit: Homeless Kitty by yigitkoroglu on DeviantArt

This is DBK Custom Sword Scabbard's Albion Ljubljana. It was designed & built based on 15th century scabbard builds. For the record, all their items look AMAZING!

In real life, this is a photo of Hunts Mesa, Monument Valley, Arizona. But in the book, if you strip away some of that greenery it's the Hollow Lands.

Well there you have it, from lesbian knights to Asian knights, paraplegic knight commanders to dragons, wights, and White Queens, that's the world of "Destiny's Choice." Did it match what you imagined?


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