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Introducing the Faces of "Conspiracy"

Updated: Feb 5

All this week, I've been posting on Twitter (@Lez_Dish) and Instagram (@lez_dish) photos of how I imagine the characters of "Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark" would look in person. Although I think each reader should reach their own conclusion of how characters look, I'm including them here so you can compare how you imagine them against how I do. :)

Aeryn (Sorry, I can't find the original source for the photo):

Lyse (but with darker skin) (Sorry, I can't find the original source for the photo):

Firdas (Source for the photo is Jeremy Irons in "Eragon"):

Gamiel (Source for the photo is Adina Porter as Indra in "The 100"):

Timo (Source for the photo is unknown):

Trick (Source for the photo is Leelee Sobieski as Joan of Arc):

Sir Idras (Source for the photo is Liam Neeson as Zeus in "Clash of the Titans"):

The Northman Ambassador (Source is South Korean cosplayer Tasha Cosplay, photographer Richard T. Bui):

And here's a flavor of Thamir:


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