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Available from Bella Books

The Demon's Guide to the Apocalypse

Revoking unruly demons back to Hell is a rough job, but for Theodora, Annabeth, and Harriet, the three half-human women who do it, it pays the bills. Plus, demons are bastards, so they’re kind of doing everyone a favor. Then one day an angel comes to them with shocking news: someone has started opening the seven seals of the Apocalypse, triggering the end of the world. He needs their help to identify and stop the culprit before it’s too late. Already, Pestilence, the first Horseman of the Apocalypse, has been released, and soon the stars will be falling from the sky and mountains around the world crumbling.

The women are stalked by danger on all sides. Working with the angels means betraying their demon masters, and is it by coincidence or dark design that they keep running into released Horsemen? As they crisscross the city, desperately trying to piece together the clues that could help them save humanity, they discover a secret kept from them since birth holds the key to stopping the Apocalypse…or completing it.

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The Lady Adventurers Club

A barnstormer. A Wild West trick shooter. A mathematician. When archaeologist Anna Baring announces the founding of the Lady Adventurers Club in May 1923, none of the other three members expect to ever meet again. After all, they live halfway around the world from each other. What could possibly bring them together once more? Then they each receive an unexpected letter. Anna has found a tomb that promises to be even grander than that of King Tutankhamun, and she wants them to come to Egypt for the opening.

It’s the find of the century. The tomb will make old Tut look like a pauper. But will the women of the Lady Adventurers Club get to see it? Egypt is a political powder keg. Unscrupulous criminals keep shooting at them. And weird, unnerving things seem to happen wherever they go. As the women race across Egypt, their friendship will be tested as they fall deeper into danger. They’re not the only ones after a pharaoh’s treasure.

This book is available as an e-book from Bella Books here.

Available from Ylva Publishing


Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of The Dark


I am the daughter of winter. My people are strong and unbending as ice. I was born with the frozen winds sweeping through my hair, with snow dusted across my skin. I am. I am. I am...


For Aeryn, a girl born to the remote, wintry Ice Crown region of Ilirya, the outside world is a fantasy: a series of wonderful stories told by occasional passing travellers. She never imagines anything for her life beyond following in her parents’ footsteps.

But the discovery that she has the rare gift of magic shatters her isolated world. Aeryn can create and tame fire. It’s an intoxicating, raw, and thrilling power, but it also sets her apart. And her gift attracts attention.

She is whisked from her home in the wilds to train at Windhall University and master her magic. There, Aeryn slowly learns the truth about the real world, with its strange mix of people and powers, and so many intertwining threads of shadows and light. She’s drawn to unattainable Lyse, a beautiful healer in training who makes Aeryn’s heart soar. But she also senses a creeping darkness all around that could threaten the future of the kingdom itself.

A compelling, original, evocative fantasy novel for young and old. Part one of the Destiny and Darkness series.

This book is available as an e-book at Ylva Publishing and in paperback at Amazon here. You can also listen to it as an audiobook here.


Daughter of Fire: The Darkness Rising


Not three months ago, I’d been a daughter of the Ice Crown, the lands of snow and ice. Everything I had, everything I was, existed in a tiny world of its own, a single snowflake in a snowstorm. And then, like a candle blown out by careless lips, all of it had been extinguished in an instant.

The kingdom is under threat. A secret, desperate plot to change the course of history has been hatched in dark rooms.

Aeryn, a young student war mage from an isolated land of ice, has the powerful gift of fire. To save her world, she must draw around her a small group of fellow mages and allies at Windhall University. At her side is the beautiful healer in training, Lyse, who holds her heart. In front of her is nothing but questions, fears, and impossible decisions.

Conspirators are everywhere, shifting shadows that she can barely see. The longer it takes for Aeryn to find the answers, the more people will die. Her choices might cost her everything. Does she have the strength to do what needs to be done? Can Aeryn protect a kingdom she may not even want to save?

This thrilling sequel to Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark offers a fast-paced, captivating conclusion to the Destiny and Darkness series, a fantasy novel for young and old.

This book is available as an e-book at Ylva Publishing, in paperback on Amazon here, and as an audiobook here.


Destiny's Choice


This thrilling third book in the addictive Destiny and Darkness series offers a breathless fantasy adventure.

Ilirya is on the brink of collapse, with enemies at the gates. Bold knight Asher is among a small band sent to achieve peace at any cost with the mysterious Southlands, home of monsters and nightmares. Failure will mean Ilirya will fall. But how high is too high a price for peace?

This book is available at Ylva Publishing, in paperback on Amazon here, and as an audiobook here.

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Death's Champion

How can one girl possibly save the world?


In this exciting fourth and final book in the Destiny and Darkness series, Aeryn, a young dead war mage indentured to Death, is the only one standing in the way of looming disaster.

Her world is crumbling. Iliyria is on the brink of falling. The Northmen have invaded. Peace with the Southlands has failed. And worst of all, the Darkness is flooding into the human and divine realms, intent on destroying both. Drawing friends and new allies around her, Aeryn sets out to fight evil, but can she stop the forces of the Dark before her short time allowed in the land of the living runs out?

The race is on, and now Aeryn isn’t just facing impossible odds, but a terrible fear: What if the price she must pay is the one thing she doesn’t want to give?

This book is available at Ylva Publishing, in paperback on Amazon here, and as an audiobook here.

Available for Free on Amazon


The Mirror in the Attic


A curious old mirror tucked away in the corner of the attic leads twins Mary Jane and Jack and their younger sister Maude into a fantastic other world of marvelous talking animals. What seems like fun and games quickly takes a dark turn, however: an evil witch, frozen in time a hundred years before by a desperate princess, is on the cusp of awakening. With the help of the so-called magical beasts of Devorian, the three children face a desperate race against time to stop her from fulfilling a sinister plan. Inspired by classical children's literature such as The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe series, The Mirror in the Attic is a thrilling adventure for readers young and old alike.

This middle-grade fantasy is available for free on Amazon here.

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