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  • Karen Frost

And the Editor Says...

As a novelist, working with an editor is an interesting process. Uniformly, editors have made my books better. I have truly enjoyed watching my books improve with each editing pass by a professional. But I haven't "meshed well" at an interpersonal level with all my editors. In fact, I'm reasonably certain that two of the four I've had actively didn't like me. But for "The Lady Adventurers Club," my editor Heather Flournoy was extremely enjoyable to work with, and we clicked very well. A book can be good without a positive relationship between the author and the editor, it's just more fun for both sides if there is one.

One of the things an author wonders when working with an editor is "Do they actually like my book, or are they just claiming they like it because they're being paid to edit it?" Now that content edits with Heather are done, I can share what she had to say about "The Lady Adventurers Club." It is "a thrilling, well-written, and fun ride." In addition, it's "well written, thoroughly researched, and just plainly enjoyable."

Sometimes as an author, you have to celebrate your achievements. So to mark this one, I made a poster about it in Canva.

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