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Coming Soon: The Lesbian Mummy

According to Search Engine Optimization best practices, you should include in your posts things that internet users are likely to search for. That way, your post will rank high in the Google results. In light of that, I offer Google the following:

  • The lesbian The Mummy

  • "What if 'The Mummy' were gay?"

  • Rachel Weisz lesbian Mummy

  • Gay mummy

Okay, that finished, on to the actual news: editing has officially begun on "The Lady Adventurers Club." My new editor, the very nice and friendly Heather Flournoy, called it "a fun caper" on our introductory call. So let me just add that one to the SEO:

  • Fun lesbian Egypt caper

Anyway, I'm excited to be starting edits in a few weeks. As I've always said, editors make books better, and I can't wait to see how much better LAC can get. In the meantime, as per my last post, I still think LAC would be a fantastic movie, so who knows, maybe someone else will share that sentiment and want to option it. Dream big.

In other news, I'm now 15,000 words from completing my next book and it still doesn't have a title. Titles I would never use but would be funny include:

  • Apocalypse No

  • The Lady's Guide to the Apocalypse

  • Three Women, One Apocalypse

The struggle is real, y'all. The struggle is real. On the plus side, my girlfriend likes this book best of all the ones I've written, so that has to count for something. It has a kusarigama, throwing spikes, guns, and a sword, as well as a bunch of swearing. Once again, sometimes you have to write the things Hollywood won't show.

Speaking of, I'm working on a screenplay with a friend of mine. I won't say much for now other than it's set on an island in Mexico and is about loss, grief, love, and rebirth. It sounds a bit cheesy when written out that way, but hopefully it will be good. If we meet our pre-production targets, we can shoot over the course of a few weeks in 2023. My plan is to stand in the background and watch, since I know nothing about film production. We'll see what happens!

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