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  • Karen Frost

It's Lesbian Visibility Week!

So apparently Lesbian Visibility Day has grown to now be Lesbian Visibility Week...and I'm here for it! All week, my Twitter feed has been full of gifs of lesbian characters, pictures of lesbians in real life, and quotes. I love it. What an amazing expression of queer joy. It makes me wish every week was Lesbian Visibility Week.

One of the things that I love most about the LGBT+ community is how diverse we are. Everyone has a different favorite book. Everyone has a different favorite OTP (one true pairing). Everyone has a different experience of queerness. We come from every corner of the globe and every walk of life, and even in the face of setbacks (for example, recent events in Florida), we continue to fight and progress. In fact, sometimes I can't believe how far we've come. From almost no TV, movie, or literary representation in the early 2000s, we've had an absolute explosion of stories and characters. Once upon a time, you would be hard pressed to find an LGBT fiction book in your library. Now we're publishing hundreds of lesbian books alone each year, not to mention Ace, Trans, Pan, Bi, etc.

While most of this representation has come from the West, the East in the last three years has also seen a very real and notable queer awakening, a shift that we absolutely must recognize and applaud. (And in fact, I even wrote a few articles about it for Sapphic Nation, like this one.)

So in honor of this Lesbian Visibility Week, let me share just a few of my favorite lesbian things:

Favorite lesbian TV storyline: Clara and Marina on Brazil's telenovela "Em Familia" (2014)

Favorite lesbian movie: "Liz en Septiembre" (Venezuela, 2013)

Favorite lesbian book: Haaaahahaha, just kidding

Favorite lesbian anthem: Anything by Melissa Etheridge, basically

Favorite historical lesbian: Anne Lister (1791-1840)

Missed opportunity to be lesbian: "She's the Man" (2006)

Lesbian thing I'm currently watching: "Welcome to Eden"--Bel and Zoa's storyline

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