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  • Karen Frost

It's Release Day for this Lesbian Urban Fantasy!

It's August 17, and that means it's officially release day for "The Demon's Guide to the Apocalypse" on the Bella Books website. It will be available on Amazon on 22 August.

Here are some early reviews:

  • "This novel was unlike most action-packed books I’ve read before...The story was engaging, and there was a lot of depth to the situations the characters found themselves in."

  • "This was overall quite a fun book. I loved the fact that the main characters were older, diverse women. The friendship between the three women was strong and beautiful, and it was obvious how much they loved each other...The book reads like a superhero comic book: badass characters kicking some evil ass in an unnamed city."

  • "Wickedly fun, with a wonderful cast of characters and a fast-paced plot that keeps you on your toes. I thought our trio of protagonists was wonderful, they each felt unique and realized, a very convincing found family that each brought their own strengths and vulnerabilities to the relationship. The story was really well-paced, moving from one exciting action set piece to the next. There was a sense of paranoia that was reinforced by the story’s pacing, and added to the ambience, really making me not want to put this novel down (and, indeed, I tore through it in a day). The writing was convincing and confident, with satisfying dialogue and well-depicted action scenes, along with some intimacy and also hint of supernatural thriller/horror, all of which worked well together...I had a blast reading every page of it, and I am more than ready to jump into future installments and see how the mythology and certain characters’ lives might continue to get messy and complicated."

  • "There are so many surprises in this book, and the MCs were kick-butt and vulnerable at the same time. I wish we had gotten to know them a little bit better than we did, but the non-stop action was very engaging. And that ending…I am wondering how that’s going to play out in the next book. This was an excellent urban fantasy with an interesting premise, and I’m eager for the next one. Recommend."

  • "This was an irreverent and wickedly fun read. Fast paced, with a good array of diverse characters...It kept me entertained throughout."

Fingers crossed that readers continue to like this little lesbian urban fantasy number!

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