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  • Karen Frost

Lesbian Fantasy Series

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

As I mentioned in my last post, the coolest thing about the publication of "Death's Champion" is that with the completion of the "Destiny and Darkness" series, that's one more lesbian fantasy series that now exists in the world. If we define a series as three or more books (there are actually a LOT of LGBT duologies), the number of lesbian YA fantasy series is...well, there's the Dragonoak series by Sam Farren, the "Locked Tomb" series by Tamsyn Muir, Effie Calvin's "Tales of Inthya", I know I'm maybe missing some, but the point is, it's a very, very small number. A fiction series with a lesbian protagonist is rare as hens' teeth, basically. The world is more interested in white boys saving the world with magic than queer girls. So even though the "Destiny and Darkness" series is never going to be a bestseller, I'm proud to have it out there in the world. When I started writing the series, my goal was to offer more queer YA fantasy to readers, and I've done that. So if you've read it and liked it, thanks! If you haven't read it...get your library to order it. If not for you to read, than for someone years from now who might stumble across it on the shelves.

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