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One Month Away!

Today officially marks the one month countdown to the release of "The Lady Adventurers Club." To be honest, it's now been so long that I literally don't remember what month in 2020 I started writing it. But what matters is that something that started as an idea--"What if 'The Mummy' was gayer?"--eventually produced this book, which ultimately didn't end up being that similar to "The Mummy" at all. And while I have no idea how readers will respond to it, I'm proud of this little book. I think it's pretty good for what it is.

Yesterday I spent some time making little graphics for it. There's this one:

And this one:

One of the things that I like about this book but that may hurt it commercially is how it crosses genres. It has a lesbian romance, but it is not "a lesbian romance." It's historical, but isn't just "a historical fiction." It's action/adventure, but no one is hanging off a biplane shooting a rifle (although I definitely did consider that). You can't please everyone, but we'll see if there's a quiet readership who's been waiting for a book just like this.

As a final note, I've found that Bella has a very broad distribution of its books. LAC is available not only on the Bella Books site, but Amazon, Target, Walmart, and several other sites as well. While that might not ultimately boost sales, it's a cool thought to know LAC is all over the internet that way. Good luck, little book!

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