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  • Karen Frost

Rays of Light in the Dark: Quarantine Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a life-changing event. For weeks, the entire world has been shut down. Airplanes are flying empty. Small stores have shuttered. Events big and small have been cancelled or postponed, from weddings to the Olympics. The economic impact has been ruinous and the global healthcare system overwhelmed. Once a century, a pandemic hits, and now is our time.

For my part, I have been extremely fortunate that the quarantine has given me just a little room to work on creative projects. As people are sheltering in place at their homes and looking for a little hope and entertainment in these dark times, I hope my queer short stories will bring just a little levity and humor to the world. So if you're stuck at home for quarantine, here are some stories that might keep you going:

-- "Lesbian With Machete Seeks Same for the Apocalypse": In a post-apocalyptic now, a woman sets out on a Mad Max-style journey to get cat litter. Can there be love in the time of apocalypse? My friend Jennifer Montoya from WhatAboutDat Media has turned this satirical short story into an audiobook that she'll be uploading to the WhatAboutDat podcast and submitting to Audible, so readers will soon get to hear it in all its audio glory!

-- "The Hunter of Hunters": What if there were a breed of serial killer that hunted other serial killers? Watch your back; you never know when the hunter has become the hunted! This short story delves into the thriller genre and concludes with a twist ending.

-- "Paws for Love": When Jessica is trapped in her hometown of Happy Valley after all transportation out of the city is shut down by the quarantine, can she face why she ran away so many years ago and follow her heart? A Hallmark-style short story about a runaway bride, an animal shelter, and Happy Valley's Best Buns.

-- Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I finally wrote my first fanfiction. :) I wrote it for one of my two OTPs, and in the course of uploading it discovered there's a lot less F/F fanfiction in the world than I thought. So I maybe I'll keep quietly adding to the smaller fandoms during the quarantine. Everyone deserves to see their fandoms represented!

Finally, I've been using my extra time to push forward on the last book in the "Destiny and Darkness" quartet. I'm now over halfway done with writing it and all I can say is I sincerely hope readers enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. The first three books all build to this, so I hope readers find it as epic and action-packed as it's supposed to be.

Stay safe, friends!

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