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"The Lady Adventurers Club" has now been out for ten days. This early, it's all but impossible to see how well it's been doing, either qualitatively with readers or quantitatively. The only measure of success I could use as a proxy right now would be social media buzz (since Bella works on a biannual royalty basis, I won't have exact sales numbers for half a year more). So far, only reviewers with advanced reader copies have posted about it, but here are some 100% cherry picked reviews that make LAC sound like a great book!

"I loved the women of the Lady Adventurers Club, it was such a great read. It had what I was looking for in a historical novel and from this genre of book. The characters were interesting and I was invested in the adventure that was going on. I really enjoyed reading this" --Kathryn M.

"I love the descriptions for the time period in history and especially the happenings in Egypt as they try and leave colonialism... This is an adventure to read, think Indiana Jones but with a team of talented women." --Kaye C.

"The plot was intriguing and enjoyable and I didn't want to put it down. Each woman had their own personality and clearly thought out voice." --Rebecca S.

"What a fun adventure about a group of women in their late 30s/40s racing to recover Egyptian artifacts... The setting came alive at every turn and really grounded each of our four main protagonists and felt like the driving force of the story as well as character development. Anna, Clara, Eliza and Georgette are lovely characters... Overall, if you are looking for a book with strong female protagonists who are ride or die for each other, or just a fan of the 1999 classic the Mummy and wanted it to have more queer representation, this book may be for you." --Paige B.

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