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That Time I Did an Interview

Ever look at your face in a mirror and go, "Shucks, I kind of hoped I looked like Rachel Weisz"? Just me? Okay, well anyway, the very nice ladies of All Stars Book Club reached out a few weeks ago with a request to do a video interview about the "Destiny and Darkness" series. Absolutely! I could talk lesbian representation in the YA fantasy genre all day. Or at least 45-ish minutes. Below are the links to the interview, which I definitely sent to my parents because probably they want to see more of my face, right?

If you ever had any burning questions, such as:

  • Why book one ended so abruptly and unsatisfactorily

  • Who my favorite characters are

  • Why I'm a generally mediocre writer

  • Whether I read reviews about my books (spoiler alert: every single one)

then this interview is for you! And thanks again to All Stars Book Club for helping spotlight some of the lesser known fiction in the LGBT community.

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