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  • Karen Frost

Things to be Thankful For

What a year 2021 has been, and it's not even over yet. I settled into my new house, got a new dog, finished "The Lady Adventurers Club," and started writing my sixth book. One of the big questions in my life after April was what would happen to LAC. After Ylva declined to publish it, it was rejected by 11 literary agents and seven independent publishing houses. I was starting to think I would end up self-publishing it. But in the end, two publishers did offer to take it. Last week, I signed a contract with Bella Books, who will almost certainly take my current WIP as well.

I'm glad. Not just because Bella is the largest publisher of lesbian fiction, with an expansive reach across the LGBT community and a stellar reputation for treating its authors well, but because I believe in LAC, and I'm glad that at least some publishers believe in it as well. Bella's editing timeline is shorter than Ylva's; although I don't know its ultimate publication date, LAC will definitely be published in 2022, possibly in the first half of the year. I know it's a tough sell to get queer women to purchase action/adventure, much less a historical action/adventure with fantasy elements, but I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful that readers will embrace LAC and show it the love that I think it deserves, and I'm hopeful they'll spread the word about it to their friends and fellow readers. When publishers take on a book like LAC with limited marketability, they're taking on a financial risk. I hope that LAC proves there is a market for this kind of book, and therefore they should keep investing in books like it. The world is a better place when we have more diversity.

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